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What our customers are saying

The Best Program I Have Ever Used

This is literally the best program I’ve ever used for tracking an entire portfolio, both stocks and dividends. Other programs I’ve tried (and my brokerage) tracks individual stocks and dividends received, but does not show overall portfolio returns, annualized return, dividend income, cost basis with dividends and commissions, etc. EquityStat does all of that and more, and presents it in a beautiful way that is easily understandable.

Brentwood, California

This Is Truly Fantastic Software

This is truly fantastic software. Your software gives me better information than my broker’s software. It allows me to better evaluate my investments so I can make better informed decisions.

Vacaville, California

Thanks For The Wonderful Service

Thanks for the wonderful service. I tried several others and they were practically useless or wanted my broker passwords. You know what you are doing and have done it correctly.

San Francisco, California

Just What I Was Looking For

Just wanted to let you folks know that your portfolio application was just what I was looking for. A good portfolio application is really hard to find for my needs.

Carson City, Nevada